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Explore FMG Soft's offering: The Ezee BurrP restaurant management POS system. Simplify your management tasks and accelerate business growth in no time.

Simplify Restaurant Management

A restaurant management system aids restaurants in efficiently managing various aspects, including orders, menus, shifts, tables, billing, payments, and the entire operational process within a single system. Designed specifically to cater to the Food & Beverage industry, Restaurant Management streamlines all restaurant operations.

eZee's software solutions have garnered recognition within the hospitality industry and have been leading the way since 2005. Our solutions and services enjoy global recognition and are highly recommended for hotel and restaurant chains of various sizes and types.

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35 M




Dine In, Take Away, Delivery and Room Service

  • Flexible Table Arrangement:
    Possibility to Separate Rooms and Spaces
  • Table Statuses:
    (Busy, Free, Clearing, etc.)
  • Quick Check and Kitchen Receipt Viewing
  • Receipt Editing and Deletion
  • Table Assignment by Waiters


  • Dish Categorization
    Organize Dishes into Groups and Subgroups
  • Menu Customization
    Create Various Menus (e.g., Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Festive, etc.)
  • Creative Pricing with Mod Function
    Innovative Price Combinations
  • Multiple Price References
    Offer Five Different Price Types
  • Customized Pricing
    Set Different Prices for Customers and Order Types
  • Recipe and Ingredient Management
    Create and Manage Recipes and Ingredients
  • Differential Charges
    Apply Varied Charges for Different Dishes

Stock and inventory management

Managing restaurant inventory and stock has never been easier than with our restaurant POS system. Whether it's your stocks, stock levels, or stock transfers, you can seamlessly handle everything within minutes.

Table Reservation

Effortlessly receive and manage reservations within a unified system. Seamlessly control all processes using the eZee BurrP app. Efficiently handling orders is a critical aspect of any F&B business, and our restaurant software solution is purposefully designed to meet these requirements.


Our comprehensive reporting system not only includes a wide range of versatile analytical and informative reports but also offers the capability to access summary, detailed, quarterly, and breakdown reports for various groups and more. With just one click, you can view these reports and effortlessly export them to Excel.

Back Office operations

eZee's BurrP Back Office enables you to receive daily reports, including payments, sales, inventory, and more. You no longer need to be physically present at your restaurant to operate your business. Our restaurant POS application empowers you to effortlessly manage every aspect of your restaurant's operations.

Employee Management 

When it comes to running a business, one of the most challenging tasks is effectively managing your staff. Our restaurant POS software is designed to assist you in efficiently managing your staff shifts, ensuring uninterrupted operations. This way, your employees can focus on delivering exceptional service to your customers.


This module enables you to send SMS and email messages to the management regarding the services available at your facility. It covers:

  • Table Reservation
  • Banquet Reservation
  • Feedback and Reporting Updates


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